Choosing Him All Over Again, by Juana Mikles

Choosing Him by Juana Mikels #blogtour #bookreview #marriage


Hello again, savvy savers! Today finds us with a new book review, and this time Choosing Him All Over Again, by Juana Mikles.

This narrative illustrates the true story of the warfare that exists within marriage, and what can happen when God is allowed to do His thing in hearts and in marriages!

Imagine this scenario. “She has everything that is supposed to make a young woman happy: handsome husband, dream job, new home, great vacations, fun friends, and plenty of money. But she isn’t happy. Leaving husband, house, and friends behind, Juana begins her search for peace and happiness in earnest. Mistakenly, she thinks all she needs is “Mr. Right,” but instead, Juana finds Jesus—and the peace she has always longed for. As she grows in her faith and her desire to please God, God rekindles in her heart a longing to be reconciled to her husband. However, the tables are now turned—her husband doesn’t want Juana back.

Juana learns how to let go and trust God, to let Him go to work and do what seems like the impossible . . . but will her marriage be restored?”

Choosing Him All Over Again #choosinghim #juanamikels #bookreview #marriage


This book is a great resource for Christian marriages.  Juana writes with transparency, boldness and a tender spirit. Her desire to help those who are walking a difficult road in marriage is clearly seen on every single page. Her book offers the tools we all need to build and establish a truly loving, Jesus-centered, and faith-filled home.

Choosing Him All Over Again includes strikingly honest accounts of Mikels’ personal experience of separation from her husband and their ultimate reconciliation. Mikels offers wives 11 checkpoints for refreshing any marriage including saying ‘I love you’ daily, not bringing up past failures and praying for your husband every day. The book provides free resources like prayers Mikels prays for her husband, a note to Christian women married to unbelievers or married to Christian men who are not acting as believers should and access to a FREE downloadable companion Bible study guide

This book has been an excellent resource in my own marriage, as I am currently going through the trials and tribulations of trying to expand my family in the midst of a pre-diabetic/PCOS diagnosis.

I want to encourage you to grab the book, read the story and let God speak to you about your marriage.





In compliance with FTC regulation, I hereby disclaim that I received a free copy of the book from Ambassador International, in exchange for my review. I was not compensated for this review. All opinions of this book, its author, and publisher, are that of my own.

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