Book Review: The Return (Amish Beginnings Book #3), by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Disclosure: Please note this book was received as a review copy from; all opinions are my own.

The Return (Amish Beginnings Book #3) by [Fisher, Suzanne Woods]

Hello again, everyone. Tonight finds us in a new book review and this time it’s The Return (Amish Beginnings Book #3), by Suzanne Woods Fisher.

This book centers on beautiful Betsy Zook, a girl who never questioned her family’s rigid expectations, nor those of devoted Hans, her love interest. Not until the night when she’s taken captive in a surprise Indian raid. During her captivity, Betsy faces brutality and hardship, but also unexpected kindness.

Inspired by true events, this deeply layered novel gives a glimpse into the tumultuous days of pre-revolutionary Pennsylvania through the eyes of two young, determined women.

The Return focuses on the need to seek God’s comfort in the most trying of times, making it a great read for the Summer season.

To find out more about this book, click here.




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