Book review: The Kindness Challenge: Thirty Days to Improve Any Relationship, by Shaunti Feldhahn


Hello again, everyone. Today finds us with a new book review and this time it’s The Kindness Challenge: Thirty Days to Improve Any Relationship, by Shaunti Feldhahn.

After years of extensive research, Shaunti Feldhahn has concluded that kindness is a superpower. An obtainable and controllable force that can proactively change any relationship, make your life easier and better, and transform our culture as a whole. But how does it work? And how can you show kindness when you don’t feel like it? By just trying to be a little kinder each day.

In The Kindness Challenge, Shaunti explores….
-Three simple acts that make all the difference in any relationship
-Whether kindness is ever the wrong approach
– The seven ways you may be unkind and never realize it
– Eight types of kindness—and which might be the best fit for you

With self-assessments, a 30-day challenge, and specific kindness ideas, The Kindness Challenge can make your toughest relationships better and your good relationships great—starting today.

This book is a must-read this holiday season. To find out more about this book, click here.




Please note, this book was received as a review copy from Blogging for Books. All opinions are my own, thank you.


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