Book Review: 66 Ways God Loves YouExperience God’s Love for You in Every Book of the Bible, by Jennifer Rothschild



Hello again, everyone. Today finds us with a new review and this time it’s 66 Ways God Loves YouExperience God’s Love for You in Every Book of the Bible, by Jennifer Rothschild.

As a longtime blog and periscope follower of Ms. Rothschild, I knew this selection would be a keeper, and the book itself did not disappoint.

This book is many things—instructive, historical, poetic, inquisitive, and sentimental. Which makes sense, as Jennifer Rothschild, often lovingly refers to the Bible as a  love letter to God’s children. In 66 Ways God Loves You, the author navigates you through each of the sixty-six books of the Bible and shows, in concise yet easy to understand ways, how every book in the Bible reflects God’s love for each of us.

Moreover, each chapter includes a meaningful reading the message of that book in the Bible, along with a simple to follow take away to help you bring the message to light in and for seasonal Bible journaling as well.

This book would make a great gift for ladies on your holiday book list as well as yourselves this coming holiday season. An added bonus? This book is affordably priced for under $11.00 shipped with Amazon Prime 2-day shipping. To find out more about this book, click here.




Please note, this review was made possible by a review sample provided by Book Look Bloggers. All opinions are my own, and I was not compensated for this review. Thank you.



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