Book Review: NKJV Study Bible, Personal Size, Paperback 2016


Hello again, everyone! Tonight finds us with a new book review and this time the NKJV Study Bible, Personal Size, Paperback 2016. So, why this Bible? This Bible focuses on bringing hope and advocacy to individuals in the midst of a world riddled by Poverty, human trafficking, abuse, hate crimes, all forms of injustice; all events which sit upon the heart of God. This Bible focuses on simple truths, and simple findings.

Throughout every book of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, this Bible seeks to explain and expand upon God’s plan to set the world right, one justice filled lesson at a time. The NIV God’s Justice: The Holy Bible, will engage your mind and heart, bring joy and peace to weary hearts, and bring forth proactive, workable strategies of advocacy to each of us.

This book is a keeper!

To find out more about this book, click here!



Please note, this book was received as a book review from Book Look Bloggers; all opinions are my own, thank you!

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