I Quit Sugar Cookbook, by Sarah Wilson Review

Hello again, everyone! Today finds us with a new cookbook review, I Quit Sugar Kids Cookbook by Sarah Wilson.

What I liked about this book: Wilson’s cookbook and guide to sugar free living are a refreshingly, friendly, helpful voice in a sea of holier-than-thou handbooks for health and diabetic living. After following the authors advise for several weeks and laying off the sweet stuff, I generally felt, well better. This book is helpful, easy-to-follow, and is helpful resource guide and go-to recipe guide.

What I loved about the book:  Having had followed Wilson’s 8 week guide to ditching the sweet stuff shortly after receiving my PCOS diagnosis in late 2014, I can attest to how great this author is. Though I’ve not always stuck steadfast to my sugar-free life since then, but I’ve learned a lot about nutrition along the way by way of Wilson and would recommend it to others.

With this new book, Wilson takes aim at everyday recipes. As her new dishes have been re-designed to replace typical sugar-ladden foods with fresh, clean alternatives.  It’s an easy to read, easy to follow collection that offers lots of fresh ideas for nutritious family food – which is helpful whether or not you’re a devotee of the movement.

When you opt for sugar free living, you want a book such as this. A book designed to cleverly work within your current lifestyle. If nothing else, these recipes allow you to avoid a range of preservatives, colors, flavors and other additives. This book will give your veggie dishes a new, faster, easy edge and for that reason I highly recommend this book.

This book is currently priced at only $18.57 with Amazon Prime pricing. To find out more about this book, click here.




Please note, this book was a review copy provided by Blogging for Books. All opinions are my own. Thank you.

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