Book Review: The Confessions of X, By Suzanne Wolfe

Hello again, savvy savers! Today finds us with as new book review, and this time the book is The Confessions of X, by Suzanne Wolfe. 

Before he became a father of the Christian Church, Augustine of Hippo, follower of Christ, famed theologian, Biblical scholar, and political philosopher, once loved a woman whose name has been lost to history. This is her story.

The book centers on St. Augustine’s concubine, the famed woman mentioned in his personal confessions. This book in comparison is told in her own voice—her “confessions.” Those familiar with Augustine’s writing will note that she is singularly referenced to as “Una”—the One.

The first chapter begins with her as an old woman waiting in the outer courtyard room, in which Augustine is dying in the city of Hippo Regius. As she waits for night to fall, she recounts the story of her life and how she came to meet Augustine in Carthage, became his concubine, and bore him a son. And what happens to her after he famously casts her aside.

To our contemporary ears “concubine” is synonymous with “mistress” or even “prostitute.” In the ancient world this was not the case, as concubine was more akin to the status of a common-law wife. This was the arrangement many couples faced in terms in the face of creed and social statuses among partners, who willingly entered into a monogamous sexual relationship when the man and woman could not be married for societal reasons.

This book brings a tender real-world vision into the life of a woman whose spirit and story was too strong to be forgotten by history. This book focuses not just on the fact that she is the mother of his son Adeodatus, but the one last, longing hold Augustine memorialized about his former, secular life.

This book is a keeper!

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Please note, this book was provided as a review copy by Book Look Bloggers, all opinions are my own. Thank you!



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