Book Review: Olympia Provisions: Cured Meats and Tales from an American Charcuterie, by Elias Cairo and Meredith Erickson.

Hello again, savvy savers! Today finds us with a new book review, and this time the Olympia Provisions: Cured Meats and Tales from an American Charcuterie, by Elias Cairo and Meredith Erickson.

If you are interested in learning about traditional, wholesome chatuterie methods, then this is the book for you.

This book chronicles the Olympia Provision Restaurant and Market. This establishment, located at 107 SE Washington in the historic Olympic Mills Commerce Center. The book also chronicles their production facility, which includes a second restaurant, is located in NW Portland, where their salumist, or salami-making expert, Eli Cairo guides the process of turning locally produced pork into an amazing array of salamis.

This book also goes into great detail about Olympia Provision’s product guide gives two salami storage tips: don’t freeze, and don’t seal in plastic. The salamis are living food products and need to breathe. White mold that forms on salami is edible and is added as part of the preservation process.

This is a must read this coming holiday season!


Please note, this book was a review copy provided by Blogging for Books. All opinions are my own, thank you. 


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