Book Review: On Shifting Sand, By Allison Pittman

Hello again, savvy savers! Today finds us with a new product review, and this time it’s a book review, On Shifting Sand, By Allison Pittman. 
This is a devastatingly beautiful narrative. Long before anyone would christen the Dust Bowl, Nola Merrill senses the destruction. She’s been drying up bit by bit since the day her mother died, leaving her with a father who withholds his affection the way God keeps a grip on the Oklahoma rain. A hasty marriage to Russ, a young preacher, didn’t bring the escape she desired. Now, twelve years later with two children to raise, new seeds of dissatisfaction take root.
When Jim, a long-lost friend from her husband’s past, takes refuge in their home, Nola slowly springs to life under his attentions until their reckless encounters bring her to commit the ultimate betrayal of her marriage. For months Nola withers in the wake of the shame she so desperately tries to bury, burning to confess her sin but wondering whether Russ’s love will be strong enough to stand the test.
True happiness and joy can only come from God the Father. This is something Nola learns when she falls to the bottom of the pit- a pit so deep and dark she wonders if there is even an escape. On Shifting Sand is a beautiful story of God’s forgiveness that is available to everyone and finding joy, peace, and contentment in Christ alone. You may wonder how a Christian author can write about a woman who commits adultery, in a manner that is edifying and godly. But then I read the book, and realizing how carefully Pittman shares the story about a woman who is lost
and needs Jesus Christ – we all need Christ in our lives.
My friends, there is no sin that God cannot forgive and there is no pit that is too deep that the Lord cannot rescue us from. This is the hope and gift that Allison Pittman brings to light through the life of Nola. She writes in a gentle, modest and touching manner. You would think a book about this particular subject would be vulgar, and instead we are given a glimpse of redemption, by way of numerous, overflowing pages, blessed with the overlaying theme of redemption and forgiveness found in Jesus.



I received this book as a review copy from Tyndale Publishers. All opinion expressed are that of my own.

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