K2R-803 Portable Power Bank by K2R Technology – Product Review

Hello again, savvy savers! Today finds us with a new product review, and this time the K2R-803 Portable Power Bank by K2R Technology – Product Review.

This charger is beautiful, lightweight with an incredible 7,800mAh. The amazing versatility of this product means it can be used on majority of cell phones and digital products which charge via a USB cable. We pride ourselves in our excellent customer service and endeavor to provide exceptional customer satisfaction by going the extra mile.
Only top grade Lithium Ion Battery Cells are used.

This product is a wonderful to have. It Charges your electronics. I believe this is worth the money to get. It good for traveling. I good for emergency as well. I works for tablets and other many electronic other then your cell phones.

Moreover, this charger comes with two USB cables for you to use. It allows you to charge to electronics that the same time but the charges are different speeds. The LED Light changes colors. When it charging light is red, when it finished charging it will be blue. The battery pack is lightweight.  The product really is the best I have tested. I will sure use it more often. There not much of a problem with using it.  Here you can see where I have a phone plugged in and getting charge by the battery pack.

This is a great charger.


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