JawayTool®180pc Rubber Grommet & Plug Assortment Review

Hello again, savvy savers! Today finds us with a new product review, and this time the JawayTool®180pc Rubber Grommet & Plug Assortment Review.

Here’s a little about the product:

  • 180 Quality rubber grommets in 8 popular sizes
  • Protect wiring and cables in metal junction areas
  • Durability due to the plastic case
  • Designed for running wires through the firewall
  • Lifetime Warranty

Also, these JawayTool grommets ideal for automotive, marine and RV wiring jobs, they are designed to protect wires, cables hoses etc, from the sharp sheet metal edges. These black rubber grommets are organized by hole size in a convenient PVC snap-shut cases that allows for easy transportation and storage. All pieces have recessed rim for easy mourning. Set includes rubber grommets (inside diameter x outside diameter): 5-pc. 7/8″ 40-pc. 3/8″ 5-pc. 5/8″ 40-pc. 5/16″ 40-pc. 1/4″ 20-pc. 1/2″ 25-pc. 7/16″ 5-pc. 1″

I received the JawayTool®180pc Rubber Grommet & Plug Assortment from JawayToolin exchange for an honest review! The pack is very organized and let’s you know what size each is. They are great to have around the house for varies projects and stuff. I love the resealable plastic case with dividers.

I would totally recommend this product to anyone!

BUY IT NOW  on Amazon!




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