Easy@Home Areta 10 Parameter (10SG) Urinalysis Test Strip Review

Hello again, savvy savers! Today finds us with a new product review, and this time the Easy@Home Areta 10 Parameter (10SG) Urinalysis Test Strip Review.
So, why these strips? These strips are colorful and easy to use – just dip them in urine for a few seconds and let it work for 30- 60 seconds for results – take your strip and compare it to the side of the bottle where it shows you what the color change or not is – then you can see what is going on with your urine – especially if you are concerned about any problems or concerns in your health.
Key product points:
  • The strips are easy to read and then you can read in the instructions what it means for your health or look it up on Google to see how your health is.
  • Good for home use and if you have a loved one you are concerned about you can test them also easily and at home – give it a try – cheaper then most urine home testing strips.
  • Urinalysis Test Strips are useful in the preliminary screening for diabetes, liver diseases, hemolytic diseases, urogenital, and kidney disorders.
  • The package contains one bottle and the bottle contains 100 Strips, easily used within the shelf life, no waste. (All mainstream Urinalysis Test Strips are fresh to use for 90 days after opening).
  • FDA approved and cleared for OTC use.
The Easy@Home Areta Urinalysis Reagent Strips provide the fast and accurate tests for the following parameters: Glucose, Bilirubin, Ketone, Specific Gravity, Blood, pH, Protein, Urobilinogen, Nitrite and Leukocytes in urine.
Points strips pick-up:
  • Nitrites: may be a sign of urinary tract infection or other infection.
  • Leukocytes: aka white blood cells. Also indicates presence of infection.
  • Glucose: the most common test for diabetes.
  • pH: measures urine acidity, associated with higher risk for kidney stones.
  • Protein: (albumin): tests for kidney function.
  • Ketones: caused by disorders of increased metabolism; also by unbalanced diets such as high protein/low carb, anorexia or fasting.
  • Specific gravity: evaluates the body’s water balance and urine concentration.
  • Blood: can result from infection, injury, inflammation, kidney stones or cancer.
  • Bilirubin: could indicate liver or gallbladder problems such as gallstones, hepatitis, cirrhosis or tumors.
  • Urobilinogen: checks for liver disease.

    Easy to Use: 
    1. Just dip the test into urine sample for 1-2 seconds and read results
    2. Just compare the reagent areas on the strip and the parameter corresponding color on the container.
    3. Results in minutes; Test at home and keep the privacy

Also consider:
  • Accurate and tests more parameters than most brands, Testing parameters include: Leukocytes, Nitrite, Urobilinogen, Protein, pH, Blood, Specific Gravity, Ketone, Bilirubin, and Glucose
  • Easy to use: Dip in urine sample for 1-2 seconds; hold the strip close to the color blocks in bottle and match colors; results may be read up to 2 minutes and any color change after that shall be ignored.
  • Color blocks are very clean cut and reduce confusion. Colors change quickly after testing and results are available in 2 minutes.
  • Save on doctor visits by screening ahead. Test strips have up to a 2 year shelf life clearly marked on the bottle. (Be advised: Once the bottle is opened, the strips are fresh for 90 days.)
  • FDA Approved and Screening at-risk patients to assist for screening the following areas: diabetes, liver diseases, hemolytic diseases, urogenital, kidney disorders, urinary tract infections, carbohydrate metabolism (e.g. diabetes mellitus), liver function, acid-base balance and urine concentration.

To find out more about these strips, click here!




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