Magnesium Survival Fire Starter Review

Hello again, savvy savers! Today finds us with a new product review, and this time the Magnesium Survival Fire Starter! This product is just plain useful! As my area often has tornado alarms and hurricane advroes throughout the year, and the fact that I was curious about it, I was excited to try this product. I just like to always be prepared in an emergency situation and thought this would make a great addition to my emergency bag I keep handy in our home. This particular fire starter is quite simple in design as well as simple to use. It’s also compact for easy storage and light weight which makes for easy carrying. It allows for over 12,000 Strikes, is Water Proof, and is of Military Grade.

To use, you do a repeated motion of striking the two pieces together which will give you a spark then make your fire. At first it was a bit difficult because it was new and fresh out the package. It’s sort of like a new pair of shoes – you need to break it in for it to be easy to use. Once ‘broken in’ you’ll get your fire a lot quicker and shouldn’t have further trouble getting it going.  I love that this fire starter comes with a lanyard also so that you can wear it and not lose it while camping or if you’re in an emergency situation. While it’s best to use dry materials to catch on the fire, this will also light damp materials as well. Overall this is a quality fire starter that’s easy to use. This is a must-have in every home!

To find out more about this product, click here!




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