Film Stickers for Fuji Mini @Sticky Shoot Review

Hello again, savvy savers! Today finds us with a new product review, and this time the Film Stickers for Fuji Mini @Sticky Shoot Review. I think this is such a cool review! As a scrapbooker and someone who has recently started a “life board” in my home office, this review is right up my alley! I agreed to give my honest opinion of Sticky Shoot Colorful Frame Stickers in exchange for being able to try them out for free. These stickers are made for INSTAX mini films. They are so much fun and easy to use. They come in tons of colors and 80 designs! All you have to do is prepare your Instax photo film, Remove the sticker frame from the paper, and then Decorate your Instax mini photo with a Sticky Shoot! I was so exited to see how many different designs there were. I was surprised at how easy they are to attach to my photos without messing up the sticker or the film. I would recommend these for any teen or young adult, scrapbooker, and artists looking for a fun way to reinvent the picture!
To find out more about this product, click here!


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