Smooth Energy Clear Mind Liquid Caps Review!


Hello again, savvy savers! Today finds us with a new product review, and this time the Smooth Energy Clear Mind Liquid Caps!

A little about this product:

  • SMOOTH ENERGY CLEAR MIND provides “Stress Management as Nature Intended”: Smooth Energy, Mental Clarity, Boosts Libido, Supports healthy Blood Glucose, Cardio Vascular support, Endurance, Immune support and supports Improved Sleep!
  • UNIQUE PATENTED Fully Balanced Enzyme Fermented Extract in totally convenient LIQUID CAPSULES which melt under the tongue to take sublingually for highest efficacy. Pure no additives. Only Fermented Ginseng Extract and ORGANIC Vegetable Glycerin. Nothing Added.
  • The GS15-4 Fermented Ginseng Extract is Proven in Human Clinical Trials for High Absorption: 15 times more absorption, 4 times faster, 5 times more consistent. No high Heat processing, so no denaturing and all ingredient are retained 15 Amino Acids, 18 Minerals, 7 Vitamin, and highest level of Organic Germanium the most powerful blood detoxifier known
  • One Liquid Capsule is equivalent to over 2,000mg of pure Standard Ginseng Extract, over 4,500 mg of Standard Ginseng. Up to 18 times more than other ginseng products! This is the TRUE HIGH EFFICACY GINSENG, FULLY BALANCED and now highly absorbed through Enzyme Fermentation
  • This is true high efficacy, optimum high absorption Ginseng, Far superior to powder caps or American Ginseng.

  I got a boost of energy, and totally noticed it go into effect and I think that is because of the liquid capsule. 


Please note, I received this product as a product review, but all thoughts are that of my own.


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