Quick Stitch Sewing Kit Review


Hello again, savvy savers! Today finds us with a new product review, and this time the Quick Stitch Sewing Kit Review.
My grandmother worked as a seamstress, while putting herself through college, always said that a good sewing kit is essential in every home, and she could not have been more correct! Someone is always losing a button,  a stuffed animal needs mending, a cuff needs hemming, or a curtain or drapery needs altering.  So, to say that the Quick Stitch Sewing Kit is handy, is an underestimate in terms! The kit comes with everything you could need for any emergency sewing needs on the go or at home. The nice carrying case has needles, a thimble, scissors, string of multiple colors, etc. I’d honestly recommend this kit to both novice and expert sewers. It’s handsome too, with it’s sturdy, durable black nylon case. We think it would make a great gift for both men and women. And for those looking to tackle bigger sewing projects, this kit would be helpful too!
Though this is a basic tool kit, this kit allows you to be a bit more self-sufficient and extends the life of your clothes. When a button falls off a jacket or the seam comes loose in a shirt, you won’t have to run to your local tailor or, worse, stop wearing your clothes. Instead, a kit gives you the tools to make simple repairs on your own. If you’re interested in actually sewing your own clothes or home decor, a full-size kit will help you get started. You could, of course, buy separate sewing notions and keep them in your own bag or tin, as many DIY’ers do. A quick look through sewing blogs and Pinterest brings up hundreds of DIY projects for making your own sewing kit. The advantage with this kit is that to the specifics you want and higher-quality thread than most kits come with, in a small, durable, portable case!

I would recommend this Quick stitch sewing kit to everyone. It will get a lot of use! To buy this sewing kit, click here.


I received this free to review all opinions are my own. 


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