iphone 6 armband Review

Hello again, savvy savers! Today finds us with another great product review, and this time the Running Armband for iPhone 6 Review.

As we all know, Screen damage is the most expensive and common problem for iPhone users, especially while working out . This arm band can help, as it has been made specifically made for the Iphone 5 and is the best fitting sports armband for the Iphone 5. To achieved this, not only do you get precise cut outs to allow your Iphone 5 to fit precisely inside the Armband but you also have a precise cut out to allow you to plug your earphone in easily. Listen to your Itunes effortlessly and enjoy your workout or run. Remember this is not a universal sports armband, this is only for the Iphone 5 . This means that your Iphone 5 is protected, and secured works like a charm. You can concentrate on achieving more from your run, workout, ride. Like many manufacturers we use neoprene that makes sure your armband will be stretchable, washable and easy to install your Iphone 5 within. This lightweight material makes for a comfortable armband that looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye. So you can be assured that you will look great during your workout or run. The armband will do what you need it to do.

Several other specifics are:

  • Super Snug Fit – The Iphone 5 slips in and out of the armband easily with no force required. It’s a perfect fit for your iphone or ipod and will even fit with slim cases. Keeping your Iphone secure and protected while you workout.
  • Adjustable – With 2 options of arm size along with a strong velcro strap, you have an armband that will adjust to your arm size. Making this product the perfect UNISEX armband.
  • Comfortable. The armband is soft and never cuts or grinds against your skin.
  • Clear plastic screen – protects your phone from the rain and scratches . Easily view what’s playing and access your Iphone or Ipod interface without any difficulty.
  • You Risk nothing today, with our money back guarantee.

To find out more about this product, click here!



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