Circle Contact Lenses Review

Hello again, savvy savers! Today finds us with a new product review, and this time the Circle Contact Lenses Review. We have a very exciting post today for all of my American readers. WelcomeSee Clear!! See Clear Contacts are unique because they are based in the USA! AMERICAN FRIENDS. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEAN?! Circle lenses that ship domestically get to you so fast!! No more of this waiting 2-3 weeks thing! I got these lenses in less than a week. *dance party*

That said, unfortunately you cannot buy from See Clear directly. Because they are USA based, federal law requires a prescription to get contacts. After you have a prescription for contacts from your eye doctor, you can buy See Clearlenses from their authorized distributors like EyeStylez! EyeStylez is also USA based so you can expect faster shipping. See Clear also works closely with optical stores across the nation- from New York to Los Angeles, so they may be easily accessible through your local optometry clinics. :3 I know getting a prescription is a pain in the butt, but even if you buy lenses from another country, you really should have a prescription anyway. Your eyes are not worth messing up for life just because you want to look cute for a little while. Don’t be a dummy. Get a prescription.
Another benefit of See Clear being USA based is that all of their lenses are US FDA approved, which is not always the case from other suppliers. I feel safer & happy knowing that US FDA thinks these lenses are cool too.
What an awesome package!! A brochure of all of See Clear‘s circles, a guide to opening vials, and 4 pairs to review!  This design is very cute! The black dots in the design help it to blend into your natural eye color, while the dark outer rings gives a huge doll eye effect. I wish the dark outer ring was a little thicker for an even more dolly effect, but that’s just a personal preference. I do love them just how they are as well! You can find See Clear’s Vibrant Silver Gray lenses here: Enjoy!


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