True Skin Care Under Eye Gel Review

Before I begin, please note that I was given this product as a free sample in exchange for an honest review. You can find  True Skincare products on Amazon; their customer service is courteous and their shipping time is quick! They want to be sure that their customers are satisfied with their products, they use more natural ingredients than some eye creams I’ve seen, and they do not test on animals.

This eye gel is meant to decrease dark circles, puffiness, and bags under the eyes while providing the protection against premature aging. I have loved using this product for many reasons, especially because it was soothing to my eyes (though you can use it on your entire face!). Before using, I cleansed my face (product mentioned in my previous review), taking extra care around the eye area as it can get easily irritated. I put a small amount of Intensive Youth Eye Gel on my ring finger and gently padded it in around my dark circles and my browbone, and after a few hours, I noticed that my eyes weren’t puffy and the dark circles were less opaque. This is great, especially for days when you haven’t gotten enough sleep or if you’ve been crying all night. Using this product did not affect my skin in any negative way or react badly, which is so important when you’re putting something near your eyes!

Using the Intensive Youth Eye Gel has become part of my morning skin routine because that’s when my eyes are at their worst. I don’t have an easy time staying asleep, so I still look exhausted when I wake up in the mornings. The puffiness makes it harder to wake up as well, since it feels my eyes are halfway closed. After applying the gel, I would get a cooling sensation around my eyes that lasted for a few minutes, which was better than using a cold washcloth on my eye area! I also use it at night before bed, to ensure that my dark circles won’t be as intense in the mornings.

Radha Beauty uses a unique blend of ingredients, such as plant stem cells, aloe, cucumber and Vitamin E. It has a faint scent of cucumber, with an overall fresh feeling on your face after application. I used the Intensive Youth Eye Gel in combination with True Beauty’s Vitamin C Serum and after a week, I noticed that my complexion was even and radiant. My skin is soft, smooth and I can tell that it’s loving all the vitamins it has been absorbing in the last week. This is a product I would purchase again because it has proven to me that it works, and it feels great on my skin.



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