KeepCool wine chiller Review

Recently I reviewed a different wine chilling rod which has piqued my curiosity about others as well. As you know, I love wine and sometimes I don’t want to wait for the fridge to cool it down. Also, when visiting with other people, sometimes bringing a bottle of wine is a nice treat. Unfortunately in those case, the wine either starts off warm or gets warm in transit. The KeepCool wine chiller is one way to cool the wine quickly once reaching your destination. This particular cooling rod is actually designed to keep a wine chilled after it is opened. It works best on pre-chilled wine, but it can be used to chill a bottle that hasn’t been in the fridge.

The kit comes with the metal chilling rod, the aerator/pourer, and a bottle unwrapper. I don’t know what those things are actually called. I just know that it’s a device you squeeze around the top of a bottle, rotate it around, and the wrapper will just pop off. Now more fighting with the wrapper. I love them! I took a video of me using every piece for you to see how it works.

At the end of the video, I left you wondering what would happen after some time had passed with the KeepCool wine chiller in it. I took a picture of the temperature of the wine after two hours had passed. I left the bottle sitting on my kitchen counter during that time. No wine was poured out of it. It strictly was left to let the KeepCool Wine Chiller to do it’s job. The wine had been prechilled in my wine fridge prior to using this. It was approximately 58° right out of the fridge. I would expect that after two hours, the wine would be nearly room temperature. Wine doesn’t stay cold when left out. You can see in the picture below that after two hours, the temperature of the wine was approximately 62°. That’s pretty darn good in my opinion! I feel like this kept the wine chilled quite effectively! Since the rod itself would warm up from being completely frozen during the two hour time frame, I feel like a four degree change in the wine temperature shows that it is working very well.

This is a keep for my home bar setup!

To find out more about this product, click here!




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