Book Review: Only God Can Make a Kitten, by Rhonda Gowler Greene

Only God Can Make a Kitten

Hello again, savvy savers! Today finds us with a new book review, and this time it’s Only God Can Make a Kitten, by Rhonda Gowler Greene. Only God Can Make A Kitten, written by award-winning author Rhonda Gowler Greene, and illustrated by bestselling artist Laura J. Bryant, follows a conversation between a mother and child, as the child repeatedly asks “Mama, who made . . . ?” In the end, children learn that God is responsible for everything in creation, including kittens. The story is charming, cute, and addresses questions of creation, in an easy-to-follow plot-line, that would make for a wonderful conversation starter for younger children. While this is a short story, it’s quick paced, fun, and would make an excellent gift this Easter season, too!



In compliance with FTC regulation, I hereby disclaim that I received a free copy of the book from Book Look Bloggers, in exchange for my review. I was not compensated for this review. All opinions of this book, its author, and publisher, are that of my own.



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