Infinite Joy Review

Hello again, savvy savers! Today finds us with a new product review, and this time the Infinite Joy Review.

So imagine how wonderful it has been to find Reduxa Infinite Joy tea that not only is caffeine free and 100% natural, but also supports a healthy, natural weight loss! This tea comes bagged, and   and I prepare and drink two tea bags daily. The first after my morning coffee. I add a small amount of honey to it but it is enjoyable even without. It tastes light and herbal, with not one distinctive flavor. I actually use the tea bag twice, meaning I steep my first cup, drink and then I steep again with the same tea bag. Then I do the same in the afternoon to evening.

What’s truly special about this product, the ginseng in it which helps with energy and supports your immune system. I feel that it helps to suppress my appetite and it makes me go potty, all signs of losing weight. I have lost weight by drinking this tea and I like that it’s not a drastic loss, but it’s continual. I really like this tea.

Available HERE on Amazon.




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