Coosh 13,000 mAh High capacity Powerbank


Hello again, savvy savers! Today finds us with a new product review, and this time the Coosh 13,000 mAh High capacity Powerbank with Dual USB output sockets.  It’s the perfect little battery to have while you’re on the run and will be being officially released to the public any day now. How many times have you been on the run and either from a lack of charging or heavy usage your phone is ready to die on you? This will be your new go-to backup power source. The Coosh model CPB152A has 2 USB sockets and is the perfect high capacity powerbank to suit your needs. The battery itself is a 2,600mAh Cell and each port can do 13,000mAh /48.10Wh. To refill the power in the device it comes with a very standard Micro USB cable.

Also worth noting, this unit is under a pound in weight and just slips into my jean pockets though I prefer to have it slipped into my backpack when on the run. At 123 by 75 by 24mm it’s as wide as my Samsung Galaxy S5, not as tall, and about 3 times as deep.

Disclaimer: I received an early Coosh 2 Port Mobile USB Charger for review purposes.




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