Learn Spanish Online with Rocket Spanish Premium – Modules 1 to 8 (120+ Learning Hours) Review

Learn Spanish Online with Rocket Spanish Premium – Modules 1 to 8 (120+ Learning Hours) Review.

To begin this review, I want to give you a little background information. I studied Spanish for two academic years in high school, as well as during my undergraduate years in college. My teachers were great and the textbooks were informative, but after two years of course learning, I could not admittedly speak the Spanish language; this was the last time I studied Spanish until this year when even before reviewing this software, I chose to re-learn the language software as I felt that being able to speak Spanish would benefit my future business relations in my area. When I opened this software, I was not sure I still remembered how to say Before I started studying again, I couldn’t even remember if I could remember much past, buenos días!

My goal with the software was to learn as much about the Spanish language while commuting to and from work. Here were my results and opinions:

1) Learning Spanish with the Learn Spanish Online with Rocket Spanish Premium – Modules 1 to 8 (120+ Learning Hours) is simple, but requires patience and practice.  The software is divided into lessons, and each lesson lasts thirty minutes, and as participants you are encouraged to complete one lesson daily; I completed a lesson a day.

2) With this software, you start each lesson listening to a short dialogue followed by a language prompt. Then you’re asked to participate, by way of:

  • You’re given a prompt to speak and annunciate in Spanish by the narrator; usually something directional.
  • You speak the answer aloud.
  • After a pause, a native Spanish speaking speaker will reiterate the correct answer, and you’d be able to hear whether you got the answer right.

3) There’s a reading component, enclosed in the software.

4) The largest and most comprehensive part of this software is the he verbal aspect of the software; this is a times, space repetition based approach to the program.

With all of that said, here’s my list of language evaluations within this software:

What I liked:

  • The bulk of the program is verbal. What sets this language software apart is its verbal component. This verbal-based approach really takes advantage of the minds ability to break language down into verbal cues and actions.
  • Your pronunciation will improve. Lessons are paced in a way that helps your pronunciation improve.
  • Repetition. You’ll hear the same things over and over again, which is good for retention; this is how the lessons will stick!

Here’s what could use improvement:

  • I had trouble recalling some features of the software. Pimsleur was best at reinforcing materials I had learned via other sources. When I learned something through Pimsleur alone, I had a little trouble recalling it, but with review, I would retain it after some study.

My Final Opinion:

Is this Spanish courses worth it?

Yes, absolutely, certainly. I’d recommend them to anyone looking to learn a second language, but please note:

  • You will not become fluent after completing Spanish Module 1, nor with any other language learning software.
  • This first edition will give you a limited vocabulary.
  • The software will help you to be able to earn how to put together sentences, using the words you know
  • Improve  your pronunciation of Spanish.
  • Learn the basic sentences you’ll need to survive commuting in any Spanish-speaking country.

To find out more about this software, click here! 

Happy learning!



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