Pure & Natural Lemon Oil – 100% Pure & Natural Essential Oil

Hello again, savvy savers! I recently started mixing up my own cleaning products to get away from using so many chemicals in my home. I’ve added this Pure & Natural lemon oil to the toilet bowl cleaner I made (borax, washing soda and lemon oil) and homemade furniture polish (olive oil, vinegar and lemon oil). I’ve even added it to the organic unscented floor cleaner that I purchased. We used to have very obvious pet odors, but after a couple weeks of cleaning with this oil, the odor is gone, and my whole home has a light lemon scent. The scent is not over-powering like a chemical lemon scent might be. It just smells clean.By the way, the scent lasts about 3 days on floors, longer on our wood furniture, but the pet odor has not returned at all.

I’ve been using NOW products and supplements for years and have always found them to be good quality. My next experiment will be homemade laundry soap (castile soap and borax dissolved in hot water) with a bit of this oil, and could not be more pleased!

To purchase this oil, click here!



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