Book Review: In Her Kitchen, by Gabriele Galimberti



Hello again, savvy savers! Today finds us with another great book review, and this time the book, In Her Kitchen by Gabriele Galimberti,a fabulous book that almost defies definition, by bringing the world of a grandmothers kitchen, into a charming, yet anthropologically-savvy look at cultures the world over.

Before photographer Galimberti set off for his trip around the world to document this edition, he sat down for a home-cooked meal with his Italian grandmother Marisa. As she prepared his favorite ravioli dish, he began to imagine what life is like in the kitchens of grandmothers around the world; this heart-felt message would become the basis for this work.

This book is wonderful on a variety of levels:

  • Travel Photography: If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the stories of these grandmothers will touch the heart of every reader.
  • Diverse ingredients: From a recipe for Honduran Iguana to a Canadian grandmother’s treasure bison dish, the array of ingredients found in the recipes in this book is endlessly entrancing.
  • Grandmothers and families: Every woman, every family, every person can take something away from this edition!

In Her Kitchen featuring grandmothers and their dishes from sixty countries, encompasses all that is good, gracious, and soulful in the this world! This book would be a fabulous gift for just about anyone, especially this coming holiday season!

To find out more about this book, click here!





In compliance with FTC regulation, I hereby disclaim that I received a free copy of the book from Blogging For Books, in exchange for my review. I was not compensated for this review. All opinions of this book, its author, and publisher, are that of my own.



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